Yuan Kuang Zhu Ni "Fuquan" Teapot 150cc

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Yixing zisha teapot

Product Name : Fu Quan Teapot

Material : Yuan Kuang Zhu Ni (原矿朱泥), pure Zhu Ni, no added pigment or iron powder.

Capacity : 150cc

Screen : 7 hole screen

Shipping weight : 550g

Author profile : Shi Xiaoqin, ceramic artist.Born in 1970 in Yixing, worked in Yixing Arts & Crafts Factory since 1988, studied modeling Design in Nanjing Arts Institute. Works were often award-winning and published in professional books. She created "Tao Ze Xuan" ceramics studio with husband Dong Zejun.


This Zhu Ni has golden yellow colour before firing .


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