Dear customers, the delay to some countries can be long. We dont accept requests for refund money because of the delay before you make order. The time of each delivery is different but it can take up to 90 days even for AIR or e-pack EMS. Thank you for your understanding!

We count the shipping cost for every order after you place the order online. You will recive an Paypal request after you place order as soon as we check it. Please if you are not sure about the shipping cost, send us an email with items you want to buy before place an order. Thank you very much! 

Our store is in Kunming , Yunnan province and we despatch all the packs from here. We ship directly to our customers worldwide. Your order will be processed on a secure server, then efficiently handled and shipped.
We prefer this three way for shipping : EMS, AIR and SAL because we use China Post as our primary carrier.
After you place an order, we will contact you with Paypal invoice and best option for shipping, or offer you by email prices of different shipping options (SAL, AIR etc.).  
If the items is in stock, you will be receiving an order confirmation letter and the final amount that you need to pay. (Total items price + delivery cost).
Orders placed are usually shipped within two business days. We do not ship on Chinese holidays and Sunday.

EMS epack 

Now the EMS provide new shipping method to US, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Mexico,Germany, Saud.Arabia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, New Zeland, Poland, Israel, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and France for the parcel less than 2kg.The parcel will take seven to ten working days to reach the destination and can trace on the EMS website. It is cheaper than China post AIR parcel and faster than SAL. if your order will be less than 2kg after packing, we will inform you of the delivery time and delivery cost. Please if you have any questions, contact us by email. Thank you.


Many customers prefer this way because is faster than SAL and for many countries more cheaper than EMS. AIR have tracking system but for many destinations the tracking is useless. After we send your pack we will send you to email your tracking pack numer and link to tracking website and you can check it. AIR takes about 10-|15 days for delivery.
"Мы не можем отправлять посылки способом SAL в Россию. К сожалению, Почта России не принимает SAL посылки и отправляет их назад в Китай. Таким образом, пожалуйста, не используйте SAL во время заказа. Спасибо за понимание!"

is combined AIR and Ground service. SAL is good way for Puerh Tea (compressed tea) and not easy broken Tea hardware. We pack all Tea and things good and careful but this way is more hard and pack move many times. So small packages with Porcelain, Loose Leaves, or Yixing Teapots that are shipped will SAL will not qualify for any refund in case the client chooses one of these shipping methods and the package arrives broken.
SAL takes about 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. But the maximum time can be 90 days before there can be aply for refund. Please be sure you understand this information. 
SAL shipping is not available to Russia,Israel, Kuwait, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Thailand. Customers in these countries please contact us for alternate shipping methods and prices.

Classic EMS shipping we do not use often, since the epack EMS for less than 2kg is cheaper. If there is good deal for your country, better than AIR we will offer you EMS service !

We are using PayPal as our payment provider. After you place an order, you will recive Paypal request incluiding shipping from us as soon as we check the order.            If you already have a PayPal account you can pay using it, if you do not have a PayPal account you can either sign up for one or you can pay by credit card using their system. PayPal is perhaps the largest payment provider in the world and is a division of eBay. We have chosen this as our main payment method because we believe it is easy to use, secure and private.


The order will be shipped in an extra strength corrugated box, with the contents inside protected either by bubble wrap, or white foam board (for larger orders or when shipping fragile products) but sometimes items will arrive broken. Let us know immediately that you received broken items and we will replace them !
We charge and additional $1.00 for packaging material cost.

Packing Puerh cake in bamboo leafs

Traditional packing is 7 puerh cake in one tong. We send puerh tea in traditional bamboo pack but sometimes the papers can be broken.

Please contact us if you have any special packaging request. Send you white hand made papers special for puerh tea is possible too!

*** Please if you have any questions about shipping ask us before finish your payment processing ! ***

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