2021 Chawangpu Gu Shu Ripe Puerh Cake 200g

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In recent years we search for some higher quality fermented tea for our customers. This batch of ancient tree ripe puerh cake is one of the best we find in the acceptable price range and quality. 

Used 40% spring material and 60% autumn material from small area in Xiao Jinggu where trees are 150-200 years old. Fermented in Menghai by well experienced master and the result is amazing! 

Strong dark soup which only can bring good spring tea, dark chocolate and dry fruit notes (dry longan, lychee), soft and elegant.

This tea is 100% organic and made of ancient tree material from area where our other Jinggu teas come. 

Manufacturer : Cha Wang Shop

Production date: Harvest 2019-2020., Fermentation winter 2020

Harvest Area : Xiao Jinggu, Puerh

Weight : 200g per cake,5 cakes in one bamboo tong 

2021 Chawangpu Gu Shu Ripe Puerh Cake 200g

2021 Chawangpu Gu Shu Ripe Puerh Cake 200g

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