Huaning "Universe" Tea Cup Pair 50ml

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We got couple of these quite beautiful cups with glaze effect frocost m the kiln, call yaobian in Chinese. 

These cups are replica of Qing and ROC original Huaning cups. We first time see such beautiful new cups which follow the old style cups. We show the original old cups and you can compare. 

"Yaobian" Huaning cups were the highest quality in old days and nowadays one antique cup like this cost several hundred dollars. 

These cups are made by old potter whoˇs family do pottery in Huaning for generations. 

This is pair of two similar glaze effect cups. They may reminds you Sky with many stars, Universe... It´s are unexpected glaze beauty.

Capacity: 50ml

Diameter: 8cm and 4cm tall

Huaning "Universe" Tea Cup Pair 50ml

Huaning "Universe" Tea Cup Pair 50ml

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