Huaning Qing Style Green Glaze Cup 70ml

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Huaning is one of the famous pottery towns in Yunnan, with history of making pottery over 600 years. 

This is small batch of cups we ordered. We provided an Qing/ROC antique cup to be sample and order batch of cups in the same way. The glaze and shape with the rim, thin body and old style bottom, everything is well made as the original! We really like these antique cups but never can find amount of them for sell, there is almost impossible to  find one in perfect condition and if so, it will cost over one hundert dollars.

Each of these cups is original. All of them are hand made and so each slightly different.

Shape of this small tea cup is very classic Huaning style, made during Qing and ROC period. These are made by an older potter who is the only one keep the old bottom shape and make glazes very close to the old time glazes. 

This shape may be great for old tea, fermented teas such as liubao and ripe puerh from our experience! 

Capacity : about 70ml (full 100ml)

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