Deang Sour Tea Tasting Set 20g

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“The De'ang people were originally called "Benglong" and are descendants of the Pu people. Their folk customs are simple, natural and sincere. It is one of the oldest inhabitants in Dehong Prefecture and one of the least populated ethnic groups in China.

According to the narrative of De'ang's creation epic "Dakudalenglai", the ancestors of the De'ang people were 102 tea spirits on the tea tree, so they took the tea tree as their ancestor. The De'ang ethnic group is the only ethnic group that regards the tea tree as a totem, and it is also one of the earliest ethnic groups in China to grow tea.

Wherever the De'ang people live, tea trees must be planted. Therefore, the village ruins where they lived are surrounded by hundreds of years of ancient tea trees. The De'ang people integrate many of their own spiritual customs with tea, forming a distinctive national culture such as tea etiquette and tea customs.

There are two types of sour tea under the traditional production process of Deang people: wet tea and dry tea. Wet tea is mainly used for food and can be served on the table, which is delicious, while dry tea is mainly used for drinking.

At present, the production process of Deang sour tea can be divided into two types: one is the traditional production process represented by Zhao Latui; the second is the modern production process developed by Defeng Tea Industry as the representative.”

The above text is taken from Mangshi Tea Road: "The Mother of Tea", Deang Sour Tea

Author: Shi Yilong

We have always been very interested in various tea cultures. This time we selected two very special sour teas as sample sets. The production process of sour tea is very complicated and the taste is very unique. It is worth a try.

It is recommended to use ceramic gaiwan for brewing, take a small piece each time, and brew normally. Its taste is slightly sour, sweet after bitter, golden brown and bright, with a unique smell of yogurt and sour plum acid. If you like the sour taste, you can add a few grams more next time. It has the effect of clearing throat, clearing heat and relieving heat, and is the original ecological green health drink.

Deang Sour Tea Tasting Set

Deang Sour Tea Tasting Set

Deang Sour Tea Tasting Set

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