Dali Wood Fired sauce glazed bucket cup 95ml

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Jingtian Village in Fengyi Town, Dali, has a history of firing kilns for more than 600 years since the Ming Dynasty, and many ancient kiln sites are still preserved in the mountains behind. In the early years, four families of Dong, Su, Zhang and Yang built kilns in Jingtian Village, firing clay pottery products with various shapes.

There is still few active dragon kilns which is very rare nowadays. The temperature of the dragon kiln needs to be precisely controlled. Experienced potters can judge the temperature in the kiln by the color of the flame. When the light emitted from the kiln turns white, the temperature in the kiln basically reaches about 1200 degrees.

The clay and sand mud in the back mountain of the village are especially suitable for making pottery. Before making pottery, the clay and sand mud should be recovered and mixed in proportion, soaked in water and fermented for six months. Potters are still using the most traditional 'slow wheel' for manual work, which requires years of experience and skill accumulation.

We have carefully selected a few particularly classic cups, which I found very practical after using them for a while.

These cups we offer are made by local potter. Each of these cups is original.

All of them are hand made and so each is slightly different. Wood firing make some amazing effect or even imperfection on the glaze. Thats make hand made and wood fired pottery amazing and give you very different feeling if compare to factory production

This is an delicate shape cup, they are difficult to make and firing since thin body can easily get damage in the kiln. Soya sauce glaze is one of the classic glazes used in Fengyi area. 

Capacity : about 95ml


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