2023 Fujian Hong Mu Dan Oolong Tea 8g*6

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In zhangzhou, fujian province, tea is also called tea rice, meaning that tea is as important as rice. Zhangzhou tea factory was founded in April 1954. Zhangzhou tea is featured by the refined technology of traditional oolong tea, which blends and bakes the maocha from different tea mountains, seasons and varieties to form tea products of uniform and constant quality, with clear aroma, mellow taste and affordable price. It is the first choice of tea drinkers in the surrounding areas.

Raw materials are from the surrounding ecological tea garden, using the traditional "shaking green, heavy fermentation, slow fire baking" method. And tea packaging style also retained the old-fashioned square paper packing. Removing fancy packaging can reduce costs and bring price benefits to tea lovers.

Zhangzhou area is not very famous abroad but with long tradition of producting oolong tea.
Hong Mu Dan (lit. red peony) is Wuyi type oolong. Well roasted several time and stored for almost year. Rich, thick tea soup with cinnamon tones. This tea can be used for gong fu cha way of drinking. This tea is relative unexpensive thanks to the unfamous production area but quality is really suprising.

This batch of tea comes in smaller packages of higher quality and grade. 

New tea arrived, the energy of the "fire" is too strong, it is recommended to store a few months before drinking.

Harvesting area: Zhangzhou
Harvesting time: 2023
Weight : 8g*6

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