2021 Chawangpu "Tea King" Jinggu Gu Shu Long Zhu 8g

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Because we usually not offer samples in recent years, we decide to make two kind of high-end Jinggu ancient tree tea long zhu (dragon ball) to help you understand our Jinggu line quality. These are hand processed and hand shaped.

This "Red Label" long zhu come from one of three small gardens used to sell as one of the best Jinggu teas. We offer another of these three gardens Jinggu You Shan which is quite different even these tea gardens are very close to each other. You Shan is area inside of the forest, the tea is quite bitter and with some wild tea notes. Material from this long zhu come from garden with trees 150-200 years old and Da Ye varietal (Mengku Da Ye Zhong).

Rich, complex, soft and full taste with medium bitterness and fast huigan. This is one of the best Jinggu teas you can get so far. 

Each weights about 8 grams, which is just about the size of a brew of tea.

This tea is pesticide free and 100% organic. 

Manufacturer : Cha Wang Shop

Production date: Harvest April 2021

Harvest Area : Jinggu, Simao
Weight :8g

Tea King Jinggu Long Zhu

Tea King Jinggu Long Zhu

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