2017 Ming Sheng Hao Bulang Arbor Ripe Puerh Tea Bag 50g

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This tea bag is different from the ordinary tea bag on the market. The ingredients used in this tea bag are the same as the 2012 Ming Sheng Hao Bulang Arbor Ripe Puerh Tea 357g.
The material is made from chopped grade loose tea, not powdered tea. Apart from some crushed leaves, there are also many small buds. After ten years of aging, it is a rare high-end tea bag on the market. Smooth and silky taste. It can be brewed in a large cup or braised in a thermos cup. It's a type of tea that I like to take with me when I travel.

Manufacturer : Ming Sheng Hao

Production date : 20170411

Harvest Area: Bulang mountain, Menghai

Weight : 50g (2g*25)

Puerh Tea Bag

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