2017 Wuyi Big Leaves Tie Luo Han Oolong 50g

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Big leaves, in the puerh tea world called Huang pian (yellow leaves), are usually sell to big factories in Wuyi and processed in different ways. We ordered the highest grade of big leaves, selected only from Zhenyan area and Tieluohan cultivar. 

The tea was baked twice during 2017 and stored since then in our Kunming warehouse in wooden boxes. 

This inexpensive oolong come from organic garden and protected area, you can taste very good quality material. But of course this tea can not be brewed many times and can´t be brewed in the orthodox Gong fu way. We recommend you use bigger pot and enjoy this tea in the "grandpa" way, or use gaiwan/teapot and make 5-6 brews according to personal preference.

You will be suprised by quality of this tea. Itś "second gradeˇ oolong but the taste can be compared with many other oolong teas around ! Specific Tieluohan taste with nice mineral feel and rich taste! 

Harvesting area: Wu Yi Shan, 

Harvesting time: May  2017

Cultivar: Tie Luo Han

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