2016 Chawangpu Manmai Gushu Puerh Tea 200g

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This tea come from ancient garden in Manmai village in Bada where most of trees was dwarfed during 1980-1990s. Compare with the selected tree gushu tea from the same farmer we also offer, this tea is just slightly stronger but the profile is almost the same, hand-made processing, sun-dried, stored well until December 2016, stone compressed in traditional way. Typical bitter-sweet Bada taste,  flower/citrus aroma, fast huigan. 

Manufacturer : Cha Wang Shop

 Production date: Harvest early April 2016., pressed December 2016

Harvest Area : Manmai village, BaDa mountain, Menghai, Xishuanbanna

Weight : 200g per cake, 5 cakes in one bamboo tong - 1kg

Manmai Pu'er Tea

Manmai Pu'er Tea

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