2012 Golden Horse Brand ripe puerh in tangerine 8682 Song Xiang

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8682 : Ripe Pu-erh, "Song Xiang", rosin fragrance

This is a good quality product of Heshan Fruit Tea Research Institute. Select high quality tangerine and good quality ripe puerh tea from Yunnan. The wrapper is better than cheaper products, using special puerh paper. Deep red color tea liquor with nice tangerine smell, taste is smooth and sweet.

Puerh tea in tangerine is traditional Guangdong product for tea drinkers. Jinma brand tangerine puerh tea was first produced in 2003. The fruits outside are from Xinhui District, Jiangmen City. Tangerine peel is a kind of Chinese traditional medicine and could improve digestive system and cured dry cough.

Puerh in tangerine can be stored for many years!

Manufacturer : Heshan Fruit Tea Research Institute

Production date : 2012

Single unit weight about 20-25g

2012 Jinma (Golden Horse Brand) ripe puerh in tangerine 8685 Song Xiang

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