2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g

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"Zi Qi Dong Lai" : The Purple Air coming from the east -- a propitious omen (from the East) is approaching 

This small ripe puerh cake has been produced exclusively for our shop and Czech tea-sellers. We tasted many different materials and chose this blend together.Two kinds of materials from Menghai are in the blend:


2006 5th grade from Haiwan Tea Factory (stored in Anning) and 2008 Gongting (the highest quality ripe puerh) from a small factory in Menghai (stored in Kunming). The 5th grade from Haiwan TF is definitely better quality than from other factories. The leaves are picked in spring and sun-dried, small and soft without long stalks.The liquor is clear and has ruby color. In the body, there is creamy dark chocolate taste, sweet and very silky! A month after pressing, we began to sell the cake as the flavor is balanced. However, the tea will be even better about 4-5 months after pressing!

About design : New Year´s Taoist old man wrapping theme is a reminder of the production time in the 2011 Chinese new year.

Manufacturer : Shengpu Tea Factory

Production date : 15/03/2011

Weight : 150g

2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 100g

 2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 100g

2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 100g

2011 Zi Qi Dong Lai Ripe Cake 150g

2010 Chawangpu

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