2011 Wuyinchapin Menghai Shengtai Ripe Puerh 357g

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Old style Menghai Ripe light fermented tea cake 

This tea cake is private order in NanQiao TF for Taiwanese company Wuyinchapin. Material come from 2008 and 2009 Menghai area harvest,  fermented in 2009 and pressed in 2011. This tea is made in old style way for old tea lovers. Light fermentation and more than 10 years of professional storage give this tea unique quality. The tea have some dry fruit notes and profile which we hardly can find in other ripe teas. Experienced tea drinkers can find old sheng tea notes in this tea. 

Manufacturer : NanQiao TF private order for Wuyinchapin shop

Production date: Harvest 2008-09, pressed 2011
Harvest Area : Menghai, Xishuanbanna
Weight : 357g per cake, 7 cakes in one bamboo tong 
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