2007 Yong Pin Hao Yiwu “Gu Hua” Zhuan Cha 250g

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Yong Pin Hao make this brick from autumn material in Yiwu area. The maocha come from “qiao mu” tea trees, traditional “sha-qing” (kill-green) processing in wok and sun-dried, outside and inside the brick is the same un-broken material. After 3 years storage in Kunming, the liquor color is yellow and aromatic. Full in mouth and very sweet, many pleasant infusions !

Yong Pin Hao adhere to the traditional process since its foundation in 1999. Each batch of manufactured according to traditional way - pure sun-dried materials, manual stone press, bamboo packaging, bamboo split strapping, classic design.

Manufacturer : Yongpinhao Tea Factory

Production date : 10/12/2007

Weight : 250g

2007 Yiwu Zheng Shan “Gu Hua” Zhuang Cha 250g

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