2007 Laotongzhi 7548 (701) Raw Puerh Cake 357g

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Semi-aged classic Menghai Puerh tea 

Following classic puerh production, Haiwan tea factory produce every year 7548 raw puerh tea blend.
Mellow, clean with forest honey, floral and aged tones. Compare to many batches of 7542 Dayi, this tea
is quite high-end example of 7542 recipe with less astringency, sweet aftertaste, complex taste and good ratio in price and taste.

Clean natural storage in Guangzhou give this tea classic mature, mellow and irreplaceable taste.

701 - First batch of the year 2007
Why 7548 and not 7542 ? Only Menghai Dayi Tea Factory can use 7542, where "2" is number of the Menghai Dayi Tea Factory. Number "8" bellong to Haiwan Laotongzhi Tea Factory.

Manufacturer : Haiwan Laotongzhi Tea Factory
Production date: 2007
Harvest Area : Menghai blend of 1-3 years old raw materials
Weight : 357g

2007 Laotongzhi 7548 (701) Raw Puerh Cake 357g

2007 Laotongzhi 7548 (701) Raw Puerh Cake 357g

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