2004 Xiaguan Loose Ripe Pu'er Tea 100g

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The typical taste of Xiaguan ripe puerh is sour, due to its raw materials of regional characteristics significantly. This tea has always been stored in Dali since the moment it was manufactured. The taste started to mature from the fifth year and became less sour with ageing. After brewing it three times, the most remarkable charm is apparent - great depth and balance of flavour are evident on the palate. Lots going on. Needs time. Best after 2012.

Manufacturer : Xiaguan Tea Factory

Production date : 11/2004

Weight :100g

Shipping weight :130g

2004 Xiaguan Loose Ripe Puerh Tea 100g

2004 Xiaguan Loose Ripe Puerh Tea 100g 2


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