2003 Hong Tai Chang Ripe Tea Cake 400g

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This version of Hong Tai Chang is an older batch compare to tea we offer (03-05 HTC). 

2003 year Hongtaichang Thailand lighter fermented tea cake. Very well stored tea with some agawood, raisin notes, sweet and clean... Compare to any Yunnan leaves puerh cake we tasted before, this tea is so far quite unique and only similar to other 90s-early 2000s Hongtaichang tea we tried before.

The shape of the cake and the kind of paper using for wrapping of this cake are both very unique. 
For experience drinkers you can compare this tea with many 1990s puerh cakes. 
The amount is limited and there is not any wholesale price. 
We offer sample of this tea. 
The weight of each cake is 400g, 7 cakes in bamboo tong.
Production year :2003

2003 Hong Tai Chang Ripe Tea Cake 400g

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