2020 Anhui Yesheng Liu-an Sample 50g

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It took us some time to get good authentic liu-an tea back to stock, since of variable quality and a lot replica from different places than Anhui. 

The material of this tea is harvested from the wild tea trees that grow naturally in the mountains near Luxi Village. This garden is 100% organic and most of the material is used to make the top grade qimen red teas. This tea is quite rare and much more expensive than any other liu-an tea. Thick, sweet and rich, it can be brewed many times. We suggest that you try sample to feel how good the new wild liuan teas can be. Then for those friends who like an tea very much, we suggest you buy it for the whole basket, because this tea quality is very good, very suitable for long-term storage.

Manufactured: Sun Yi Shun Brand

Grade : Wild tree material without selection by grade

Harvest: .April 2020

Production date : 2020

Weight :50g





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