2017 Chawangpu Jingmai Da Zhai Puerh Tea 200g

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Jingmai mountain is famous for middle/little leaf tea (中小叶种茶) which is popular for its sweet taste and floral aroma. Jingmai Da Zhai is one of the most famous village and has the biggest ancient tea tree garden in Jingmai mountain, especially Da Ping Zhang area. Material for our cake was picked in mid. April 2017 from a small garden where trees are about 60 years old. This kind of material is call "Lao sheng tai" and the quality of the tea is much higher than ordinary small tree tea. Trees are relative big and material like this is usually selling like gushu. Hand processed in traditional way. We keep the maocha until January 2018 and then stone pressed in Menghai. Typical Jingmai taste and heavy aroma, Fast huigan, some bitterness. 

Manufacturer : Cha Wang Shop
Production date: Harvest April 2017
Harvest Area : Jingmai Da Zhai
Weight : 200g per cake, 5 cakes in one bamboo tong - 1kg

2017 Chawangpu Jingmai Da Zhai Raw Puerh Tea 200g

2017 Chawangpu Jingmai Da Zhai Raw Puerh Tea 200g

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