2017 Wuyi ZhenYan "Mei Zhan" Oolong Tea 25g

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This tea come from small familly farm in Wuyi area and it was processed in small batches. Tea trees which were only picked in spring. We order and got this tea last year but wait another half year after the last baking before sell to our customers !

Meizhan oolong is originaly from Anxi and it was very famous oolong in history. This tea come from 80 years old trees from growing inside of the Zhenyan area. There is only small garden and we was waiting 3 years to get this tea, since most of it is presold to few old customers.

Roasting proces was finish last year and this tea was baked in charcoal 4 times and then stored for one year before selling. Slow and great baking processing give to this tea really great character. From this old bush Meizhan you can get the same feeling with old bush Shuixian. But the taste is very original.

Fat and tight leaves, with smell of dried longan. Deep golden yellow tea soup, bring sweet flower scent and the feeling of elegance and noble.

5g~8g Tea into 120ml Gaiwan, 100 degrees Celsius water, Wait 5 seconds for the first brew, and allow an additional 5 to 10 seconds the following brews according to personal preference, can pour tea 6~8 times.

Harvesting area: Wu Yi Shan, ZhenYan
Harvesting time: 30 April 2017
Cultivar: Mei Zhan
Weight : 25g (ZIP pack)

2017 Wuyi Laocong "Mei Zhan" Oolong Tea 25g

2017 Wuyi Laocong "Mei Zhan" Oolong Tea 25g

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