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 The company is the specialized tea enterprise with the integration of tea planter and tea processing is, her predecessor was the original state-owned enterprises Nanjian county tea company (i.e. is established in 1985 original Nanjian tea reprocessing factory). The registered capital 50,000,000 Yuan, officially had been established in August, 2007.

 The company inherited、enriches and develops the first registered trademark for Nanjian county, the market has affected the profoundest tea brand "Tulin" fenghuang tuo cha. The company is situated in industry garden area of nanjian, the occupying a land area of 25000 square meters, the floor space amounts to 13000 square meters, the year productivity is 3500 tons. Depends on 70,000 Chinese acre Wuliangshan high quality raw materials base, main force making "Tulin" series Pu'er tea and so on the fenghuang tuo cha; Positive development purification green tea "wuliangshan" and "xiao he tang shui".



The company persisted throughout the management idea "Innovation infinite, the good faith is eternal", take makes "the Pu'er tea enterprise which most receives respects" as the management goal. It evaluated the Yunnan Province tea industry development advanced enterprise by the Yunnan Province people's government In 2007 , in 2008 helps the poor by the State Council manages lists as National Helping the poor Main item Enterprise, in the same year, passed ISO9001(2000) quality system authentication, the HACCP food safe authentication and the organic tea authentication.In 2009 is listed as the Yunnan Province provincial level agriculture industrial production main item enterprise.


Tulin chronicle:

 In 1985 the Yunnan Province Nanjian Autonomous County Tea Factory was set up, starts to formulate "Tulin" fenghuang Tuo Cha;
 In 1986 the trademark "Tulin" registered successfully;
 In 1987 CTMO has promulgated the first registered trademark "Tulin" for Nanjian county, the registration number is: 286510;
 In 1989 Production stoppages;
 In 1990~1992 Only produced Mao Cha;
 In 1991 the Nanjian autonomous county tea reprocessing factory changed the name as the Yunnan Nanjian county tea company;
 In 1993 Restart Tuo Cha production;
 In 1996 CTMO has promulgated the registered trademark "wuliangshan" to the Yunnan Nanjian county tea company, the registration number is: 830939
 In 1997 Nanjian county tea company changes the system the stock cooperation system;
 In 2003 Started production of Bing Cha
 In 2006 The company pass food safe authentication (QS authentication) and Green Food Standards; Is protected the consumer rights and interests committee by Yunnan Province to evaluate "the Yunnan Province consumer to like the commodity";
 In October, 2006 The company formulate the 20th anniversary celebration for “Tulin” pai fenghuang tuocha succeeds conducts ;
 In October, 2006 succeeds holds the immeasurable camellia japonica industry development forum;
 In July, 2007 Nanjian county tea company carries on increases the capital to expand the stock, has introduced the new strategic investor and the partner, has set up Yunnan tulin tea industry co., Ltd;
 In August, 2007 It has the honor to receive the Yunnan Province tea industry development advanced enterprise; The Pu'er tea association absorbs for the member unit; The Yunnan Province tea industry association absorbs for the association member unit;
In 2008 It was recognized "National Helping the poor Main item Enterprise" by the State Council; "Tulin" fenghuang tuo cha is evaluated "the Yunnan Province name brand agricultural product" To invest 100,000 Yuan to establish "Nanjian county tulin tea industry education premium fund" To pass ISO9001; 2000 quality control system authentication; Through ISO22000:2005 food safety control system authentication; Obtains the organic product authentication certificate (through the GB/T19630. authentication; It was recognized is "the first batch of agricultural industrial production main item enterprise" by the Yunnan Province people's government.
In 2009 through exports food health registration; The products Jin hao tuocha (801) ,The fenghuangtezhituocha (T812) ,The fenghuang xiang bin (702) , Yijia jin cha and (908) have received the gold medal at China's first session of international tea culture exposition which held in Zhongshan.


Yunnan Dali Najian County tea company


Wuliangshan Tea Tree King

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