Nixing Teapot I 230ml

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Qinzhou Nixing pottery from Guangxi Province, one of the four famous ceramics. Qinzhou Nixing pottery has a history of over 1,300 years, unique in its art style, has developed as a distinctive genre of ceramic art. Characteristic one: Unique high-quality purple clay from both sides of the Qin river; Green and non-toxic (Zero lead and cadmium release); Breathable waterproof properties, make tea for a few days the taste remains the same. Characteristic two: The pattern color for each piece is changeable,especially because of the change of glaze and kiln under high temperature,so that each teapot is unique and can't be reproduced. Characteristic three: Combination of Chinese Calligraphy with NiXing pottery.

Material : Zi Hong Ni (Purple clay)

Teapot Inscription : Side - 心清志远, Bottom - Xu Ming (made by Xu Ming)

Capacity : 230ml

Screen : 7 holes screen

Info : Nixing teapots are very good for all kind of dark tea.

Note: There is a crack in the handle, please check out the last photo.

Nixing Teapot I 230ml

Nixing Teapot I 230ml

Nixing Teapot I 230ml

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