Nixing Teapot "Fang Gu" 100cc

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Qinzhou Nixing pottery from Guangxi Province,one of the four famous ceramics,are familiar to few people at present. Qinzhou Nixing pottery has a history of over 1,300 years,unique in its art style,has developed as a distinctive genre of ceramic art.

Characteristic one: Unique high-quality purple clay from both sides of the Qin river; Green and non-toxic (Zero lead and cadmium release); Breathable waterproof properties, make tea for a few days the taste remains the same.
Characteristic two: The pattern color for each piece is changeable,especially because of the change of glaze and kiln under high temperature,so that each teapot is unique and can't be reproduced.
Characteristic three: Combination of Chinese Calligraphy with NiXing pottery.

Product Name :  Fang Gu

Material : Zi Hong Ni (Purple clay), very high fired !

Teapot Inscription : Bottom - Xu Ming Zhi Tao (made by Xu Ming)

Capacity : 100cc

Height : 7cm

Pouring Time : 12 seconds 

Screen : Ball screen

Author profile : Made by Xu Ming

Info : This fine classic "fanggu" shape pot is pure hand made. Very nice color of clay which is very similar with zhuni clay! Water go out good, no leaks, work very well ! Nixing teapots are very good for all kind of heicha, puerh and roasted oolong. 
Only one pot in stock !

Nixing Teapot Fang Gu 100cc

Nixing Teapot Fang Gu 100cc

Nixing Teapot Fang Gu 100cc

Nixing Teapot Fang Gu 100cc

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