Menghai Kao Cha Guan

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Yunnan minorities have a special way of drinking tea, called baked tea (烤茶,Kao Cha). It is very old from generation to generation through the ages and full of meaning. The brewing method is also very special. First, put some raw puerh tea in a crock, and then baked the tea together with the crock. To avoid deep-fried coke, one needs to keep on turning the crock to let the tea be heated evenly. When the scent of the tea is baked out, pour the boiling water in the crock and serve. One can refresh oneself or get drunken through drinking the delicious and strong tea. 

This crock is produced in Menghai county. Each individual crock is made by hand, so there can be slight difference from the product photo.

Capacity : 250ml

Height : 10cm

Shipping Weight : 550g

Menghai Kao Cha Guan

Menghai Kao Cha Guan


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