2024 Baohong Handmade Green Tea 30g

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Baohong tea, historically called Shi Li Xiang Cha (十里香茶) it´s an highest quality green tea of Yunnan province with long history. Back in the Tang dynasty, the original tea tree was bring by monks from Fujian and planted in the area of Baohong temple. This tea is one of the tribute teas, the best teas from Yunnan, sent to the Chinese emperor in old times! The Baohong mountain is about 1600 meters above sea level. 

In the 1946 and later in the 1950s, most of the old trees was cut down. Nowadays still can see few ancient trees dated 800 and 600 years in the village near temple. New gardens around the village are planted from the original trees. This tea is small variety species, quite different from most of the Yunnan teas. 

The tea used to be rolled shape green tea in the history, but in the past few decades, the processing following Longjing shape tea. 

This tea was picked in the 20th March and hand processed in the wok. 

We highly recommend this tea because we tried many times in the past years and this one is really good example ! 

The tea have some special green beans aroma, it´s soft and sweet, and quite unique taste. Can be brewed many times! 

Origin: Baohong mountain in Yiliang town, Kunming

Harvest: March 20th

Packaging: 30g zip pack. Weoffer this tea with special price discount, since it' s really expensive 

Baohong Handmade Green Tea

Baohong Handmade Green Tea

Baohong Handmade Green Tea

Baohong Handmade Green Tea

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