2020 Lianghe Hui Long Handmade Green Tea 50g

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Selected grade famous high mountain green tea from Huilong village, Dachang Township, Lianghe county, Dehong prefecture. Huilong village, land area 1.28 square kilometers, elevation 1650 meters, average annual temperature 14.9 ℃, annual precipitation 1491.6 mm. 

For the past few years, we have been working with the same experienced tea farmer to purchase tea at a high standard. He is also very good at making.

This spring is very dry, there is no rain on the mountains, the color of the tea is darker than usual, but the taste and aroma are still good. The freshly made tea has a slight fire taste, and the stir-fried green tea is not ready for prime drinking until a month later. It is recommended to use a lower water temperature to brew. 

Cultivar : Old Yunnan Large leaves varietal tea trees (sexual variety of tea plant, 50-80 years old tea trees)

Production date : 17th March 2020

Weight: 50g in ZIP pack

handmade tea

handmade tea

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