2015 (2004) China Tea "Yi Tong Liu Bao" Tea 300g

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Yi Tong Liu Bao- a barrel of liubao tea

Selection of raw materials from Wuzhou Chinatea tea plantation, using classical fermentation process, and then aging more than 11 years in the historic cellars and brick-wood warehouse, rounded and show the typical characteristics of mature liubao tea, such as "red,thick,aged-aroma,mellow", with unique betel nut flavor. This aged tea makes me feels extremely comfortable. It can be enjoyed now or over the next several decades.

Tasting Notes: "smooth, mellow, rich aroma."

appearance of dry leaves: tight knot, smooth dark brown color with golden buds, evenly

Soup color: bright red

Aroma: fragrant betel nut, slightly woody, after eight times brews fragrant jujube in finish

Taste: refreshing, soft and sweet

appearance of brewed leaves: dark brown , glossy, soft and tender 

Manufacturer : CNNP China Tea (Wuzhou) Co.,Ltd

Production date : 2004/08

Packing date: 2015/12/03

Shipping Weight : 950g

Yi Tong Liu Bao

Yi Tong Liu Bao

Yi Tong Liu Bao



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