2011 CNNP Sheng Huo Fu Zhuan 700g

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Sheng Huo : life

This Fu brick tea is made of 2rd grade mao cha by machine.  It has been aging for 3 years to reproduce "golden flowers" in the tea. This is very prized and interesting tea. People have called it the golden flowers "Jin Hua". The Eurotium Cristatum is the dominant germ in the Fuzhuan, contributing to the special quality of the tea.

Smooth and sweet with floral and dry fruits aroma in mouth with long and great aftertaste, "Jin Hua" arohid flavour - a true gift for tea lovers! Good for daily life.

This brick is in some way similar with CNNP Shouzhu Fuzhuan which we also sell. Its taste is far better than the appearance! Very important is the overall process of this product is excellent!

Manufacturer : Anhua Tea Factory

Production date : 20/08/2011

Weight : 700g

2010 China Tea Sheng Huo Fu Zhuan 300g

2010 China Tea Sheng Huo Fu Zhuan 300g

Fungus-growing is characteristic technique of Fu brick tea, which means in a certain condition of temperature and moisture, makes the superior fungus, Eurotium Cristatum grow and reproduce in brick tea. Eurotium Cristatum is one kind of fungi which is non-poisonous to human body, and can produce a series of functional chemical active substance beneficial to health, such as fat-decomposing enzyme, protein-resolving enzyme and so on, the clinical experiments have proved that Fu tea has remarkable effect on lowering fat and hypertension.

2010 CNNP Sheng Huo Fu Zhuan 300g

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