2010 Nannuoshan Gu Cha 357g - Early spring stone press raw puerh cake from Nannuo mountain

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 This cake is made of selected high-quality silver buds and tender leaves, picked in early spring from old tea trees. The liquor is yellow, crystal clear, there is a floral aroma with a soft fruity taste. Light and easy drinking. The taste fills the mouth, the huigan is very quickly. This tea will develop further for another 4-5 years from now.    

 With the altitude more than 1700 meters, Nannuoshan Mountain is 20 kilometers away from Jinghong - the capital city of Xishuangbanna, 20 kilometers away from Menghai County, and it is the separation strip of the climate of Jinghong and Menghai. The ancient tea trees and ancient tea tree forest are the largest ancient tea trees with the longest history in the world at present, and the finding of the wild arbor-grown tea plant proves that Menghai is the source region of large-leaf tea, and the main production place of the famous Puer tea.

Manufacturer : Lancang Tea Factory

Production date : 05/05/2010

Weight : 357g

2010  Nannuoshan Gu Cha 357g

2010  Nannuoshan Gu Cha 357g

2010  Nannuoshan Gu Cha 357g

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