2006 CNNP Te Zhi Fu Zhuan Fang Cha 350g

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Hunan dark tea

It is made up of two small pieces of Fu Brick Tea. Fu Zhuan (fu brick tea), uses mainly the raw dark green tea material, refined through working procedures like crashing, sifting, zymolysis, braising, pressing and drying, does not contain any chemical additives. It's the tea of the northwestern minorities. The pure fragrance , the orange yellow soup color, special rough taste from older leaves and stalk. After several times infusion, the taste is becoming bland, then you can boil it.
Hunan Linxiang Yongju Tea Industry Co.,Ltd was established in april 1984.It is the key agricultural industrialization leading enterprise in Yueyang, the appointed producing enterprise of country nongovernmental trade products and the only tea factory produce "Qing Zhuan" (green brick tea) in Hunan.

Manufacturer : Hunan Yongju Tea Factory

Production date : 12/2006

Weight : 350g

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