2005 "Tong Qing Hao" Shu Zhuan Ripe 250g

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The appearance of this tea is rough but the taste is delicate. Old tea leaves and stalks have the following advantages : high sweetness, high content of amino acids give the tea more fresh flavor. The liquor is deep red colour, with mellow and smooth taste. Good dry store 6 years in Kunming. Brick using traditional design wrapper from "Tong Qing Hao".

Manufacturer : Jiu Wan Tea Factory 

Production date : 2005

Weight : 250g


Tong Qing Hao Ripe Brick


The third infusion.

2005 Tong Qing Hao Ripe Brick

2005 Tong Qing Hao Ripe Brick 2




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