2004 Xiaguan TF Loose Raw Puerh - "Chun Jian" in box 100g

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Rare Raw Puerh Tea ! Golden yellow soup, honeyed mouthfeel.

The name Chun Jian (Spring Buds) means high quality maocha from Qingming festival to Guyu. 2004 is the last year  when Xiaguan TF produced this famous tea.  After 10 years of transformation, this tea is elegant in fragrance, rich in flavor and enduring in after-taste, thus greatly enhance the value of appreciation. Golden yellow soup, honeyed mouthfeel.

Manufacturer : Xia Guan Tea Factory

Material : Yunnan DaYe ("Large Leaf") varietal sun-dried tea

Grade: 2nd grade

Production date : 11/2004

Weight : 100g

Shipping weight : 120g

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