1992 Factory 1 Hong ni Xishi teapot

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Product Name : Xishi

Material : Hong Ni high fired
Teapot Inscription :
Capacity : 180cc
Height : 7cm
Pouring Time : +/-12 seconds,
Screen : single hole 
Author name :  Factory 1 assistant industrial artist, 
Year: 1992 (date is wrote on the calligraphy on the side of teapot)
Info: Simple and classic shape. High quality teapot from Factory 1. This pot was made in 1992. High fired hong ni clay, perfect craftmanship, no leaks, water go out nice, shape is symetric and balance. This pot come in original export paper box. Perfect for any kind of tea, specialy for new and middle age sheng puerh, oolong tea.
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F1 Xishi
F1 Xishi
F1 Xishi
F1 Xishi
F1 Xishi
F1 Xishi
F1 Xishi
F1 Xishi

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