08 Duo Wei Xiang Ripe bamboo tea

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Sweet taste and unique flavor.

"Duo Wei" means various taste. Compressed ripe Pu-erh tea is presented in a special bamboo holder, which gives a great smell of sticky rice, bamboo and toasty fire. Sweet taste and unique flavor. It is special product of Zhuang people living in Diwei village, Guangnan county, also called "Gu Niang Cha". This tea has been created in the Qing dynasty (1862) and has a long history. Zhuang girls used to give the tea to their lover as keepsakes, as well as traditional gift for a guest. .

Manufacturer : Yong Shun Tea Factory

Production date : 2008

Weight : 100g

Shipping weight : 180g

To avoid difficulties with the customs, we ship the tea whithout the bamboo packaging.

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