07 Xiaguan XY "Yin Cang Yu Er" Raw Tuo Cha 100g

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Selection large-leaf premium material and original product of XY.

"Yin Cang Yu Er" (snow-capped Cangshan and Jade Green Erhai Lake) represent the beautiful scenery in Dali.

These tightly compressed four Tuo in original paper box are from high quality selection spring material and supervision of Mr.Ye! It is characteristic that spring water from Cangshan mountain is used to steam. Xiaguan made this set "Yin Cang Yu Er" Tuo Cha from 2004 to 2007. The design of pack is little bit different but the tea is the same. The liquor is yellow and transparent, powerful but comfortable taste (no smokiness like typical Xiaguan taste!).

4 different packing marked as 4 different words "Yin", "Cang", "Yu", "Er" (not specified we will be random shipments).

Manufacturer : XiaguanTea Factory

Production date : 09/2007

Weight : 100g

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